Trendsetting Onam Styles !

2018 has been a year Kerala witnessed the worst natural calamity ever. And continuing the streak, in 2019 also we met with severe floods. Onam is the most celebrated festival here, also suffered due to the calamity. But the undying spirits of the Malayalis were seen both the times. This proved that we can rise unitedly from the ashes and fight anything that comes our way.project_20190908_210928

During Onam, the hunt for the best set and mundu or other ethnic wear is undoubtedly a fierce one. For those who like to keep their fashion game up on the fleek, 2019 is the year for them to unfold their ace cards, upfront.

The ethnic trends of this year, seem to glorify the authentic craftsmanship of Kerala Kaithiri with traditional prints and fancy embellishments reigning on the hearts, again! Here’s a list of top trendy Onam collection from different studio’s to content your appetite of supreme ensembles.

1.Chethi Manjadi by Pranaah

Pranaah has showcased one of the best collection with a ten on ten for keeping the authenticity intact while bringing a modern twist to the whole styling. Inspired from the nostalgic flower chethi and seed manjadi, the embellishments have been carefully curated bringing the nostalgia of the bygone Onam days. Pure handwoven fabrics are used to weave striped patterns and contemporary motifs with traditional Kerala Zari.

2. Pushpaka By Label M

The collection is a real tribute to the auspicious festival. There’s a lot of inspiration gone under each design. The antique borders,  intricate thread embellishments, ombré detailing and classic patterns have given a modern twist to the traditional Kasavu Saree. 

3. Abani by Jugal Bandhi

Jugal Bandhi has proudly presented their elegant collection as a homage to the spirit of Malayalis to bravely overcome the natural disaster that happened last month. Beautiful scallop hand-embroidered detailing to subtle stripes and polka motifs in zari are the unique features of their affordable designs.


4. Lucknowi collection by Milan Designs

Lucknowi collections for an Onam celebration is a bit doubtful, but they have brought in pretty peacocks and floral embellishments in the traditional Kasavu sarees. And the best part is instead of size zero models they have actually featured regular Malayali figured models to showcase their designs.

5. Slokha by Lakshya

Lakshya as usual set a trend with their single but unique signature design. Earthly tones and very simple but fabulous pop of colors and embellishments are going edgy this year.

6. Panchavarna by Vedhika

Vedhika has also brought a couple of designs in bright colors and fancy works. Every designs are handcrafted for cluster stonework, kaasu mala designs, laser-cut florals, and much more.


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